Local Area

Grange Cottages

Grange Cottages are just a small 5-10 minute walk away from us so feel free to wander down at any point throughout the day. Also if you are walking your dog then you can stop by, during or at the end of your walk, for a nice meal, whether the weather is nice to sit outside or you can enjoy a meal inside with our dog friendly seating area.

Wilksworth Campsite

Wilksworth is only a 3 minute drive and cycle away and therefore only a 10 minute walk from us. However you have to traverse a small portion of the Cranborne Road so it is strongly recommended to wear reflective clothing or bring a torch of some sort if you are planning on walking or cycling during the evening. Once you visit us a first time and feel like returning feel free to mention to the staff if there is a particular table or area of the restaurant you would like and we can make arrangements so that you get that table next time.

Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs

This beautiful landscape is only a 5-10minute drive from us so if you need refreshment from a long day out or are just passing through and feel like a snack while on a day of cycling then feel free to drop in.

Holt Heath

This beautiful Heath Reserve is under a 10 minute drive away and features some stunning views and provides a lovely 2 hour walk. To learn more visit this site, which includes detailed maps of the area.

The Stocks Inn Pub Walk

“A gently undulating and peaceful walk through lanes and fields of Furzehill and the River Allen valley. It’s good underfoot, easy to navigate and there’s much to enjoy all year round.”

We have maps inside the pub that we happily give out to anybody interested.

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